The Master Peter Deunov- his life and teaching

Автор: Milka Kraleva
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Издател Кибеа
Брой страници 88
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 763 грама
Размери 32.5x24
ISBN 9544742689
Баркод 9544742689
Категории Езотерична литература на чужди езици, Езотерика. Духовни учения, Книги

Peter Deunov represents the third major esoteric spiritual impulse in Bulgaria, following on Orphism (which led to Pythagoreanism and Platonism) at the 10th century Bogomils (literally meaning “dear to God”).
All three impulses are historical manifestations of the Fellowship of Light based on the cardinal principles of Divine love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth.
Of these, Love is the fundamental principle which, as one of Peter Deunov` s formulas puts it “brings fullness of life”. In the application of these principles, he claims, lies the salvation of the world: “I believe in love and wisdom that have created life. I believe that they have the power to recreate the world.” The last hundred years have a resurgence of interest in spirituality and mystical experience, even in the midst of the prevailing secular ethos in the West. There is a widespread search for meaning. As people become more discriminating they will recognise true spirituality when they see it and will come to appreciate the greatness of Peter Deunov`s contribution to our spiritual heritage. This greatness is based on his articulation and embodiment of the three cardinal principles of his teaching: Love, Wisdom and Truth. I consider him to be the greatest and most universal spiritual teacher of the last century and indeed what Hegel called a world-historical figure whose significance will only gradually be realised over the coming centuries: eternal principles are timeless and can be appreciated anew in every generation. This beautiful book will help introduce Peter Deunov` s teaching to a wider English speaking audience and I can only hope that readers will find it is inspiring as I do.
David Lorimer, From the Introduction

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