Donald School Textbook of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology

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ISBN 9789350252598
Баркод 9789350252598
Категории Медицина на чужди езици, Медицина, Книги

- Written by experts from the Ian Donald Inter-university school of Medical ultrasound, this book represents the current knowledge on one of the newest achievements in orbits and gynecologic ultrasonography, transvaginal sonography. - Illustrates the most exciting developments-color Doppler and translational sonography. Ultrasonography, transvaginal sonography. Their combination in the same vaginal probe provides for superb simultaneous visualization of structural and those information and offers new insights into dynamic studies of blood flow within the female pelvis. - Contributed by eminent authors, selected for their access to outhlanding visual material and their ability to explain the significance of it in an effective and lucid way. - Contain 550 original (black and with and colour) ultrasound pictures as well as diagrams and photographs of babies after delivery. - The book is divided into 5reetions with a total of 40 chapters covering genial aspics, obstetrics gynecology and infertility, Doppler sonography and 3D and 4D translational sonography.

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