Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century

Автор: Richard Gerber
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Издател Piatkus
Брой страници 486
Година на издаване 2001
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 1070 грама
Размери 23.5x15.5
ISBN 0749921870
Баркод 0749921870
Категории Медицина на чужди езици, Медицина, Книги

Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century is the essential user-friendly reference guide to energy medicine. Richard Gerber MD is a world authority on the subject and in this book explains every aspect of this important new form of healing, which is central to the success of homeopathy, flower essences and hands-on healing.

* Explains what vibrational medicine is, its history in Eastern systems of health and provides the latest scientific evidence that supports an energy-based approach to health and wellbeing
* Explains fundamental concepts including the chakras and the meridians
* Explains in detail the key energy therapies including homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, colour and light, magnet therapy, radionics and hands-on healing
* For each therapy Dr Gerber explains what it is, how it works, the kinds of health problems that can be treated, specific remedies for particular ailments and what is involved in a typical therapeutic session

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Dr Richard Gerber practises Vibrational medicine in Michigan, USA and is a popular international teacher in the field. He has researched alternative medicine diagnosis and treatment for over 20 years and is internationally recognised as the leading authority in this area. His first book, Vibrational Medicine, sold over 100, 000 copies.